Rising Above Candle Holder | 26" | FLASH SALE CLEAN UP! $8.95 - Last 64pcs!

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A versatile piece that features 5 raised holders with a rustic wooden surround.  The opportunities are endless for year round styling and use!

26" x 6" x 6.25"  Candle Holders are 2 1/4" Diameter

materials: wood, metal holders, metal handles (does not include candles)

*featured w/ Snowy Foxtail Pines 6” XBR6210, & 8” XBR6211, Iced Foxtail Pines 6” XBR6205, 8” XBR6206, & 12” XBR6207, & Snowshoe Hemlock Garland XP80618 all sold separately.  Vintage ornaments are props; not included. Also featured w/ Dawn’s Break Garland TE4025 & Seraph Vine Hanging Bush V9532, sold separately.

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